The KITLIK fleet is made up entirely of first class vehicles.

There are currently more than 90 articulated lorries and trucks with interchangeable bodies working for you.

  • Refrigerated trailer
  • Dry freight trailer
  • Double deck trailer
  • Curtain side trailer
  • Jumbo interchangeable body vehicles

The KITLIK fleet – ready to meet any demand

In our in-house workshop, we ensure
that all vehicles are up to speed. Technically and optically. Furthermore, our own breakdown service ensures smooth handling of your orders. Commission KITLIK and your goods won’t get delayed en route because a truck has broken down.

Want to see our fleet in person? There’s little chance of that. In Schwarzenbruck you’ll probably only get to see a couple of vehicles from our fleet. 
To offer our customers good value for money, our trucks are always out and about. In the whole of Germany and beyond.


And what about the environment?

More than 95 percent of our articulated lorries and vehicles with interchangeable bodies comply with the Euro VI standard. The rest of the fleet is made up of contemporary EEV vehicles. The average age of our fleet is less than two years old.

KITLIK is moving towards a better future:

Since 2019, we have supplemented our fleet with 4 Stralis NP vehicles. The Stralis NP is a purely natural gas-powered long-distance truck from our partner Hiltl. This innovative diesel alternative offers new possibilities in terms of sustainability and efficiency. 
Benefits to you: Same performance with outstanding carbon footprint!


less nitrogen oxide
less CO2
less soot
We keep our promises and have supplemented our fleet with 4 natural gas trucks.


Try us out!